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Keeping the flame alive

For more daily delight, the first step is adding the right perfume to your home. This ritual often starts with the art of lighting a fragranced candle... Nothing complicated there, right? However, it feels essential that we share our secrets for making this olfactory pleasure and their sensations of well-being last as long as possible.

How to best take care of your candles ?

As the pure cotton wick is set ablaze, your whole interior lives to the rhythm of these varied and harmonious notes that charm and delight through their stories and what they evoke.

Here are our six essential tips for savoring this tender moment:


To create a homogeneous distribution of its natural wax and a generous diffusion of its fragrance, it is advisable to let your candle burn until its entire top surface becomes liquid.

The key? Take your time. Give your candle a chance to express itself and enjoy the charm and fragrance it brings to your home...


Be careful, in order to preserve its delicate fragrance, do not burn your candle for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time.

If the liquid wax portion of the candle gets too thick, the wick may become off-center and drown!


All of our French-made products are designed to satisfy the senses across generations, but please be careful to not take any risks, and never leave a candle unattended, nor within the reach of children.


Never move a burning or hot candle. Its beautiful glass case could be scorching to the touch.

To remind you of this, we’ve placed safety pictograms beneath each container...


To preserve the beauty of your pure cotton wick: right after putting out the flame, we recommend dipping it in wax and taking it out immediately while making sure it is centered and straight.


It is not a bonsai, however, cutting the wick regularly to about 3 mm in length will give it a new life and prevent possible black smoke, creating only the best candle experience ;-)

One last note that will surely interest you:

If you fall in love with the scent of your candle, visit our website or come meet us in-store to see if this fragrance has not been declined into a mist or other delicious product for the home, laundry, or body!

It was time to spill the beans!

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