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Do we know it all?

At Kerzon, we soap our hands and bodies, from head to toe. Designed for the whole family, our soaps are natural, a bit crazy, and very gentle. Today, we are going to tell you more about what lies behind our formulations.

A daily favourite, soap is a must-have.
So let's explain everything!
without ticking you off, that's a promise...

Within reach, it looks great next to the sink or on the edge of the shower, in liquid or solid form. But in the midst of the big clean-up on our bathroom shelves, this routine raises questions... Is it good for the skin? YES!

Let's start at the beginning with
a bit of history

Anatomy: soap is a natural surfactant used as a body cleanser for millennia.

The history of soap dates back to 4500 BC in Mesopotamia. This primitive version consisted of animal fat and potassium carbonate and was used as a remedy for skin diseases. Despite a highly developed bathing tradition, soap was mostly used for laundry. The Romans were the first to use it for bathing.

Over the decades, its use expanded, and it was mixed with different materials and fragrances to make it harder, firmer, and more fragranced. This new product quickly gained popularity in the Mediterranean regions, in Spain, Italy, and especially in Marseille (yes, that's where Marseille soap comes from).

With the opening of public baths in cities and the industrial production of soap (made possible by caustic soda obtained from kitchen salt), its use was no longer reserved for wealthy families. However, it was not until the 19th century, with the teaching of personal hygiene in schools and the military, that soap became a daily consumer good.

How does soap work?
The very principle of washing!

Thanks to its components, soap dissolves the hydrolipidic film, the outer layer of fat that protects your skin. This hydrolipidic film is washed away by water during rinsing, along with the dirt accumulated between two washes (impurities, dead skin, etc.).

When soap is of good quality, the skin's natural buffering power is not altered, and the skin corrects its pH and restores its hydrolipidic film to protect itself until the next wash.

Antioxidant and softening
Only gentleness!

Our natural soaps exist in two forms: a liquid texture and a solid bar. Both are ultra-caring versions of this bathroom classic.

Contemporary and practical, both are the result of an ancestral manufacturing method called "saponification." What is it?

Simply put, saponification is a chemical reaction between a fatty substance and a base (soda or potash) that produces what we call soap, a cleansing product, and glycerin, which is a moisturizing substance for the skin.

At Kerzon, it is produced at low temperatures in Provence, using coconut and olive oil, to preserve all the benefits of these vegetable ingredients and allow the skin to be cleaned without drying it out.

Some clarifications,
There is soap and soap

As we have just explained, saponification is a technique that maintains a high concentration of vegetable glycerin, essential to enrich the soap dough with its beautiful moisturizing, antioxidant, and softening properties. However, it should be noted that this key ingredient was often removed from industrial soaps, which may not be ideal for people with sensitive, irritated, or fragile skin.

Dans nos formulations de savons liquides et savons solides, nous gardons cette merveilleuse glycérine végétale, et nous vous assurons même une haute teneur  pour restaurer la couche protectrice naturelle de la peau tout en retenant l’eau pour optimiser son hydratation. Aucun risque de dessèchement, uniquement de la douceur ! 

From 97 to 98% of natural ingredients
Naturally, soap has it all!
The formula of happiness

It's no secret, composition is a priority! For us, these are clean raw materials, validated by organic cosmetics, composed in France and unprocessed, effective and respectful of the skin. Enriched with natural and biodegradable vegetable oils, with a low impact on the environment, our short formulas - faithful to the Kerzon Pact - get to the point.

Our liquid soap, composed of over 98% of natural origin ingredients, applies happily and rinses effectively. A plus for reducing our water consumption! Its eco-designed bottle is 100% made from recycled household waste and refillable in bulk at our shop. And psst... Our solid soaps are also packed with sweet almond oil for an even silkier skin texture.

And the foam then?

Spectacular foam is pleasant and fun, but these little air bubbles have no benefits for the skin. What is more, they are often associated with sulfated compounds known for their foaming but especially stripping power... So remember, the more foam, the more potentially irritating the product is...

That is why all irritating ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are banned from our formulations! These aggressive surfactants have no interest for your skin and therefore no use in our formulas.

In plain language

A natural soap will foam discreetly, just enough to envelop you from head to toe: by rubbing it between your hands or on your body, our solid bar instantly creates a light, fine, and creamy foam.

Equally effective, our liquid soap offers the caressing freshness of a shower gel. Just enough to bring you all the pleasure of a gentle cleansing and experience a moment of pure happiness...

Now be proud to say: we know how to soap ourselves!
Because a good soap is all you deserve!

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