Our missions and convictions

The Kerzon Pact

Pact: a formal agreement concluded between two or more people or parties.
These values make sense, they are our priority. Together, let’s be demanding and conclude this pact!

To explore a precious and sustainable olfactory world, to reinvent the care products that enhance your daily life with relevance and honesty.

In recent years, the world of cosmetics and skincare has taken a new turn toward a more conscious, responsible and ethical approach. In our opinion, this attention and quality should be extended to all linen and home care products, in addition to those destined for the body.

The best compromise for all.

Like you, we seek to consume healthy, quality products that are preferably locally sourced and at a fair price. With that in mind, each of our products has required us to make well-reasoned and informed choices in order to offer what we think is the best solution.

We consistently favor low-impact manufacturing for the environment and remain mindful that our home, linen and body care collections come from nature and must return to it without a trace.

We love the curious !

We encourage curiosity at all levels of our activity, which is why you can read us like an open book. Our formulations are simple and clearly detailed in full on our labels and on our website. It is important for us that you be fluent in the ingredients inside your daily care products.

You can also ask us all your questions about our formulations through our contact form or via social media. There will always be someone to answer you.

A big hug for mother nature !

Our products are formulated in France from natural ingredients and respectfully sourced raw materials, validated by organic cosmetics norms and selected with regards to sustainability.

We develop the most uncomplicated compositions possible, without compromising on pleasure, effectiveness or respecting both your skin and the environment.

Having a great nose is good, but several is better!

Whatever our products, fragrances are the heart of our collections. Our daily life is full of evocative sprays, they are our greatest inspiration. We strive to create authentic fragrances, which feel as real as memories.

These olfactory treasures are conceived thanks to a passion for splendid stories and the patience of the French artisans and noses with whom we work. These creations take time and require many trials to adjust and define the most balanced and evocative fragrance.

Why are we so proud?

Because producing in France enhances the value of local resources and benefits our country’s entire economy. As a bonus, it allows us to guarantee the quality of our raw materials and to really control each step in the manufacturing process.

We are able exchange directly with our French craftsmen and manufacturers, whose know-how and expertise are essential to our collections. For example: we compose the majority of our fragrances with one of the oldest French Maisons in the city of Grasse, labeled an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. As for our iconic scented pouch, it is assembled in a social integration establishment and hand packed in Paris’ the 13th arrondissement. All of these people are part of the Kerzon family.

The circle is complete !

Our paper packaging and bags come from sustainably managed forests and are printed with the imprim'vert label. And that's not all: each product is presented in the most respectful and sustainable container currently available.

For example, our candles and perfumes are sold in glass jars and bottles. And our linen and body care products are packaged in fully recyclable, lightweight bottles made 100% from recycled household waste.

the best waste is the one that we do not produce.

This is another step forward in reducing waste and protecting the planet. To further limit our waste, we offer a whole collection of refillable products for the home, linens and the body: laundry soaps, specific laundry soapsdishwashing liquidsliquid soaps and exfoliating soap.

It’s easy: keep your empty bottle to refill it endlessly, either by coming to our boutique at 68 rue de Turenne in Paris, or by sending it back to us. 

Find the detailed procedure on -> The Loop <-

Your product will be refilled, with a discount on its price !

The right price wins

Everyone should have access to quality daily products. With 100% French manufacturing, we are even more careful about making the right choices and efforts at each stage of product development. Every detail is thought out and optimized so that the final price is the fairest for you, for our suppliers and for us.

For little, growing and grown

Getting together, sharing, dreaming, laughing in unison, Kerzon celebrates all of home life’s everyday moments. And so that every generation can enjoy them, we have created diversified fragrance collections and skincare products that suit all skin types, even the most sensitive. Home is a refuge and family is its heart <3


Alf, our mascot, kindly reminds us that animal testing for cosmetic products has been banned in the European Union since 2004. [Yapping]

We condemn all forms of animal abuse and that goes for all species. No animal, no matter its place in nature, should be the proverbial guinea pig.

All our products are vegan, meaning that they do not contain any ingredient of animal origin in their formulation. The only exception: our lip balm which contains beeswax, a clean natural product which has protective and healing qualities, difficult to replace.

More daily pleasures

Taking care of your body as well as your home, day by day: we defend the meaning of simple pleasures, because they are also the most fascinating. And as extraordinary as it may seem, we turn domestic life into a sweet and pleasant experience: washing dishes, clothes or taking care of the house will never feel the same again.

Our weapons of seduction: enchanting fragrances, natural ingredients with moisturizing and protective properties, noble materials, environmentally responsible bottles and packaging with inspiring designs...


And you probably can’t wait to do dive into the dishes or throw in a load of laundry, admit it...