Portrait of Amélie Renaux, founder of Céladon coloured tableware

For a sunny interlude, we invited ourselves to Céladon's table to chat with Amélie, who shared her passion for interior decoration and gave us her best tips for setting a beautiful table to make each of your culinary moments unique.

At Kerzon, we are particularly fond of large summer gatherings, so we went to meet Amélie, the founder of the pretty tableware brand made in Portugal, who shared with us the secret of her enamel designs, so that you can find the colourful pieces that will cheer up your tables all summer long!

To begin with, shall we be on first-name terms?

Oh, yes, with pleasure! I don't like using formal language...

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Amélie, I am 32 years old, I am the mother of a little girl and I am in a couple and partner with Martin, with whom we launched Céladon in 2020.

We fell in love with your colourful tableware. How did the idea for Céladon come about? 

Céladon was born during lockdown! I found myself using my old, bland, white student tableware every day - I'm sure you know what I'm talking about... 

I wanted to spice up my table and when I looked for a brand of modern, colourful tableware on the market, I couldn't find what I was looking for. That's what got me going and made me want to set off on an adventure. So I thought why not give it a try!

Knowing that I already had an entrepreneurial background, having worked for My Jolie Candle and Birchbox, and Martin being an entrepreneur at heart, it was quite natural that we both ended up taking on the project, with this desire to modernise and dust off the tableware sector.

What is the secret of Céladon tableware? 

The secret weapon of Céladon, I would say, is the ability to mix and match all our designs! The possibility of creating a unique set. The idea is to leave customers free to imagine the table that suits them. You can buy individual pieces or entire sets that you can put together yourself.

What inspires your collections? 

Portugal! The cities of Portugal, the beaches of Portugal, what's on the walls of the cities of Portugal, the sand, the sea, basically everything that has to do with Portugal.

What is the secret of a beautiful Céladon table? 

All Céladon tables are beautiful, but I would say that the secret is that they are all unique! You can arrange them in so many different ways, depending on the colours, if you combine large plates and large bowls or soup plates and small plates. There are so many possible combinations! But the real beauty of a Céladon table is that it reflects the desires, style, taste and uniqueness of the person who set it!

Who are the guests at the Céladon table?

To start with, the Céladon team! And then I would say all those we love, our friends and family, all those with whom we share convivial moments!

Can you share your best tips for a successful dinner?

Of course, being a big foodie, I would say a good meal is essential! I love simple and effective recipes! A big shout-out to pasta, it always works, no matter what recipe you make!

What is your favourite summer recipe?

The shrimp pasta recipe from eatwithflower: Link to recipe. It has all the delights: burrata, shrimp, tomato and pasta!

At Kerzon, we have designed our fragranced care products to blend in perfectly with any room, from the living room and bathroom to the kitchen... What are your decorating essentials?

A jug with dried flowers or a pretty bouquet from the market. A trivet - I always have one on my table for decoration. I also really like mugs that have been reused as flowerpots - I love repurposing objects! And finally, I wouldd say oil bottles, to bring a very Mediterranean touch!

Which fragrance do you love having in your home? 

I love the scent of Rosemary! In summer, I like fruitier scents, and in winter, I am more attracted by woody and amber scents.

Kerzon in three words and three favourites?  

In three words: the craftsman of fragrances. And three favourites:

Thank you Amélie, shall we meet soon around a big table? 

With great pleasure, laid out by Céladon of course :)


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