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Hydrating hand lotion

Irresistible hydration concentrate, our melting emulsion, enriched with organic shea butter, accompanies your days with softness and lightness. Rich in wonderful raw ingredients, this is definitely our fairy hands expert!

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A new recruit for the natural laundry soaps team, Gym Tonique takes care of your sportswear and technical fibers. This care product is enriched with baking soda to neutralize bad odors and infuse your laundry with exhilarating freshness. Who’s ready to win?  

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Étienne & Pierre-Alexis, founders of Kerzon

“From the eau de toilette to the liquid laundry soap, fragranced candles, shower gel and dishwashing liquid, we are convinced that we can bring the same level of requirement of pleasure and responsibility to all the products of our daily life".

Born from the complicity between two brothers, Kerzon creates with heart and commitment natural daily care products for linens, the home and the body.

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Take care of your candle !
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A true moment of well-being, lighting a candle is a key ritual of the season. To sustainably enjoy your indoor fragranced care, we review some advices for your personal use. These are essential tips to adopt daily to get a happy and flamboyant flame. 

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